Thermometer Soil PREMIUM
Thermometer Soil PREMIUM
Thermometer Soil PREMIUM

A stylish THERMO 19/27 thermometer for indoor use with a modern design. It comes with a foldable, colourless plastic stand so that the thermometer can be placed anywhere, e.g. on a desk or shelf. The thermometer also has a hole that allows it to be hung on the wall. Recommended comfort temperatures: winter 19°C, summer 27°C. Thanks to the possibility of any print on the dial, it is an excellent promotional product for many industries. The THERMO 19/27 thermometer is packaged in an elegant black box with a hole through which the imprint on the thermometer’s dial can be seen.


Promotional functionindividual logo imprint and possibilitiy to change the temperature range.

Thermometer THERMO19/27 – place of printing

Thermometer Soil PREMIUM - place of printing

Individual color logo print on thermometer THERMO 19/27

Individual color logo print on thermometer soil PREMIUM


thermometer THERMO 19/27thermometer THERMO 19/27thermometer THERMO 19/27


225 pcs. – total weight 30 kg
3864 pcs. – total weight 540 kg

(Box 483 pcs.)

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Stylish thermometer for indoor use. It comes with a collapsible stand so that the thermometer can be placed anywhere, for example on a desk. The thermometer also has a hole that allows you to hang it on the wall. Recommended comfort zone temperatures: winter 19°C, summer 27°C. The manufacturer of the agricultural thermometer, the Bott company, make the individual logo prints on the dial of this product and individual ranges of measurement scales, adapted to specific seeds. Soil temperature thermometers measure the soil temperature very precisely, what is very important especially by sowing temperature-sensitive seeds. The premium version consists of the agricultural thermometer and the metal hanger for the thermometer, that can be mounted to any wall. Additionally the thermometer is packed in an original box with the printed user manual with explanations how to measure the soil temperature properly. The complete soil thermometer is a great, practical gift for the farmer.



Since 2001, the BOTT company has been making prints on plastics. As we specialize in short and non-standard series, we guarantee very fast and reliable customer service.
Due to the use of various marking technologies, we can choose the type of print optimally to the surface.
First of all, legible and resistant to abrasion and chemicals, high-quality prints, undoubtedly distinguish us from the competition. In addition, we design precise scales on measuring vessels for individual customer needs. We also print barcodes and numbering. Multi-color printing, flat and round.

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As specialists in the measuring cups industry, we are able to provide the highest quality of services and products. Undoubtedly, all our products are characterized by high functionality, quality and durability. We design measurement scales for individual customer needs.

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Surely you are wondering which product will be best for you or your client? You’ve come to the right place. We offer professional advice in selecting the best solutions. Certainly we will find products perfectly suited to your needs and expectations of your customers.

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Due to the experience in the security business industry, we have developed our own model of a security seal with a unique metal locking system. The precision of fitting the elements and the use of ultrasonic technology certainly guarantees a high level of security.