Rain gauge FOLD PREMIUM+

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Rain gauge FOLD PREMIUM+

RAIN FOLD complete rain gauge in a box. Our rain gauge has a patented rain totaliser that allows you to freely add up the amount of rainfall on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. The summator in the form of two indicators allows you to record total rainfall amounts of up to 250 mm (250 l/m²).

Set contains:

rain gauge
stick mount fixture
plastic stick
adder's inicators in two colors
indicator aggregator and days of months
packing - shipping box
minimum order 100 pcs.


The rain gauge is made of polystyrene and has a printed vertical scale up to 40 mm with a measuring accuracy of 0.5 mm precipitation and a horizontal summation scale. On individual request, it is possible to print a storm scale for heavy rain up to 70 mm. The RAIN FOLD version rain gauge also comes with a foldable plastic stick with handle (with applied numbers indicating the days and months of rain measurement), 2 white indicators to mark the date of measurement on the stick and a cardboard box for easy redistribution.

The rain gauge can be customised with an individual promotional imprint, including a storm scale up to 70 mm for heavy rain if desired. The RAIN FOLD rain gauge has been designed for further distribution and mail order sales. The box contains a window through which the printed logo can be seen above the vertical scale of the rain gauge.




Carton 40 pcs. – total weight 11 kg


Palette 500 pcs. – total weight 130kg
(box 20 pcs.)

Rain gauge, rain gauge made of polystyrenerain gauge with a plastic clamp. A rain gauge with logo is a great practical agricultural gadgetRain gauge has two indicators, that allow to register the daily, weekly and monthly rainfalls. The rain gauge is a great practical agricultural gadget. It is packed in the esthetic box, what makes the rain gauge an ideal gift for the farmerBott, the producer of measuring cups, guarantees the high quality of the perfect gift for the farmer. Thanks to the logo printing on a rain gauge with a logo the product has additionally an advertising function. Not only agricultural and chemical companies, but also banks and insurance companies serving farmers can advertise themselves on the rain gauge’s indicator with the logo.

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