Oil can JUMBO 5 L

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Oil can JUMBO 5 L

An oil can JUMBO 5 l made of PE plastic, resistant to acids and oils. It has an embossed graduation in liters and quarters. Easy to use, has a flexible nozzle and closing lid.


The logo can be printed, which gives an additional advertising function. The oil can is suitable for oils, gasoline, kerosene, anti-freezing mixtures, brake fluid and electrolytes.




Carton 9 pcs. – total weight 4 kg


Palette 168 pcs. – total weight 80 kg

Oil can with print, oil can with logo for work shop, can for oil, oil pourerOil can with an imprint, capacity 5l, is suitable for pouring the various types of liquids like: oils, petrol, electrolytes and many others. A work shop can with imprint is a very practical advertising product for customers from many technical industries.

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