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SLEEVE cardboard overlay with personalized color printing. The perfect addition to the Fold Premium+ rain gauge giving you the opportunity to personalize and stand out from the crowd.

Set contains:



The SLEEVE cover is not only protection from damage, but also a unique personalization opportunity. It will give your Fold Premium+ rain gauge an individual touch. By designing the appearance of your SLEEVE overlay, you have full control over how you want your product to look. This cardboard overlay is a perfect fit for the standard Fold Premium+ rain gauge box, providing you with the ability to have your advertising imprinted in full color over a large area. This means that your logo, design or advertising content will look extra attractive. Give your Fold Premium+ rain gauge a new quality and unique character with the SLEEVE cover. It’s more than protection – it’s an opportunity to express your style.


SLEEV overlay dedicated to Rain Fold Premium+ rain gauges . This is an excellent addition to a practical agricultural gadget like Rain Fold Premium+ rain gauge. Printing an advertisement on the rain gauge is an additional enhancement of the product value with a promotional function. Elegantly and conveniently packaged device demonstrates the perfection of the design of the entire set and is an ideal promotional gift.

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