Scoop ARTHUR 200 g

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Scoop ARTHUR 200 g

The ARTHUR 200 g measuring scoop is a small shovel for use in many industries, e.g. food industry, food supplement industry, animal feeding, chemical industry, agriculture and others. It is made of the highest quality polypropylene.

Available colours:

red 186C
green 347C
yellow 116C
orange 1575C
blue 2728C


* individual order


The scoop is available in several colour variations, including colourless/transparent. The measuring scoop is approved for contact with food. The weighing scoop is used for dosing loose products. The hand scoop has a two-sided scale inside the scoop for right- and left-handed use. The scale is in ml, so liquid products can also be measured with it. Scale in ml to 100 ml. This is also made possible by the flat bottom of the shovel, so that the scoop can be placed on a flat surface.

Advertising function – possible logo printing on the handle. For larger order quantities, it is possible to produce the scoop in an individual colour.

Measurement of loose and liquid products

Internal scale in ml for right- and left-handers

Flat bottom

Hole at the handle for hanging up the scoop

Ergonomic shape


Scoop ARTHUR 200 g – scale 100 ml

Scoop MIDI 500 g - place of printing

Place of printing:



Box 600 pcs. – total weight 15 kg


Pallet 8 000 pcs. – total weight 215 kg
(Box 1 000 pcs.)

Plastic scoop ARTHUR 200 grams, dosing scoop, scoop for measuring of loose products. A scoop with logo is a practical advertising product for many industries. The plastic scoop, made of polypropylene, is approved for contact with food and is produced in Poland. A small scoop with logo is great product for food industry, animal feeding or for agricultural. Bott – a Polish producer of practical reusable gadgets, guarantees the articles of great quality and very durable prints.

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