Bucket EKO 5 l

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Bucket EKO 5 l

The Eko 5 l buckets are made of polypropylene, the buckets are characterized by their economic design and are available in many colors. This product is intended for marketing activities. Handy handle made of galvanized wire. Inside the container there is a graduation in liters. The bucket is approved for contact with food.

Available colours:

red 485C
green 3425C
blue 2145C
orange 021C


minimum order 100 pcs.
* minimum order 1000 pcs.


The possibility of making an individual, indelible print around the bucket. The bucket together with the print is an excellent advertising medium for clients of many industries and social campaigns. The container is available in many colors, it is possible to produce this buckets in an individual color with a larger order.

Place of printing:



Pallet 1 000 pcs. – total weight 195 kg

Plastic bucket 5l with logo, capacity 5l, made of polypropylene, advertising bucket with a printed logo, bucket with an advertising slogan. Bott, a manufacturer of buckets with logos, guarantees the great quality of imprints, thanks to this solution the almost everywhere needed bucket becomes an extremely effective advertising medium and a valuable advertising product. 5l buckets with print are used as buckets for fairs, buckets for events, promotional buckets, cleaning buckets and buckets for kids.

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