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Measure BUCK 10 l

Measure BUCK 10 l in the structure of a 10 L bucket, made of milk-resistant polypropylene resistant to chemicals. The bucket is approved for contact with food, has a printed, exact scale in liters. The scale that should be followed is the printed scale. The embossed scale is only a bucket marking that does not correspond to liters.

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It is possible to print logos and individual scales for liquid or loose products. Imprints on our measuring cups are made permanently by using screen printing technique wich is resistant to abrasion and chemicals. An excellent advertising product for many industries. Service bucket for measuring large quantities of orders.

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Pallet 1000 pcs. – total weight 260 kg

Measure Buck 10 l with printed measuring scale. The measuring scale on the measuring vessel is made by a permanent screen printing method, what makes the print resistant to chemicals, abrasion and temperature. The measure is an ecological product because it is made of high-quality polypropylene and so can be used many times. The cup with the scale can also be printed with any customer’s logo, thanks to this solution we receive a measure with logo. The produced measuring cups become very durable and effective promotional gadgets for the farmers and many other industries. All the measuring cups are also certified for the contact with food. The 10 l measuring vessel is ergonomic and has a metal handle.

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