Smart beer mugs

Strona główna / Smart beer mugs

We present our Smart cups – the ideal solution for beer lovers who value quality, durability and functionality.

The Smart measuring cup is a capacious plastic cup that has an open handle for easy carrying. The cup is approved for food contact, so you can safely store and drink beer in it.

We print the pitcher permanently, which gives you the opportunity to personalise the jug according to your wishes. The measuring cup is transparent so that you can easily see the contents. There is also the option of attaching a scale or beer measure, which makes it easier to dose accurately.

The Smart beer cups are available in different capacities – Smart 500 mlSmart 1000 mlSmart 1500 mlSmart 2000 ml and Smart 3000 ml – making them individually adaptable. These Smart measuring cups allow easy pouring of beer and accurate dosing.

The Smart cup is not only a functional tool for drinking beer, but also an excellent cup for parties and events. The measuring cups are reusable, reducing the amount of disposable packaging and the associated costs.

Take advantage of our offer and choose a Smart cup that will meet your expectations and be a loyal companion at any event!