BOTT measures PSIAutumn edition includes the article about measures with scales

We are again present on the pages of the PSI magazine, which is delivered to advertising agencies and promotes the most interesting advertising items in the industry. The practical products made by company Bott have gained the trust among the customers in many segments. On all advertising products we make individual imprints of scales and logos according to the customer’s wishes. The Bott company has a large machine park, huge stocks in warehouse and treats each project individually. The products such as measures with scales, measuring cups, spoons for nutritions, plastic scoops are perfect for animal feeding and suitable for the food, chemical, agricultural, building industries or for any other segments where we have to measure or dose something. On the other hand, a very interesting segment of Bott products are gadgets for the agricultural industry such as: rain gauges, buckets with imprints, yellow insect traps, counting frame, brushes for cleaning nozzles in the sprayers and soil thermometers.