Yellow TRAP-01
Yellow TRAP-01
Grid on the yellow vessel TRAP NET

The grid of the yellow vessel protects bees and bumblebees.


The yellow color of the rapeseed pest trap also attracts useful and valuable insects such as honeybees, wild bees and bumblebees. Although rapeseed is mainly a wind-pollinated plant, there is a high risk that valuable insects flying near the yellow traps will also end up in them. The use of the Trap NET grid while monitoring pests in oilseed rape guarantees that only unwanted insects will enter the trap.

On the perimeter of the yellow grid, we can make any print, e.g. logo, slogan etc.

Yellow TRAP NET grid – printing area

Yellow Trap NET grid – printing area

Yellow TRAP-01 - place of printing

Individual color logo print on grid TRAP NET

Individual color logo print on yellow TRAP-01


Rules for using the yellow vessel with the TRAP NET grid:

using grid on the yellow vessel


130 pcs.
2160 pcs.
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Product card

Grid on the yellow vessel TRAP NET. Yellow trap for rapeseed insects, trap for meligethes aeneus, trap for beetles. A yellow bucket with a logo and a table print is a simple vessel that helps to monitor rape pests in autumn after sowing and during the whole the growing season. The yellow bowl is a great advertising product for agricultural and chemical companies.



Since 2001, the BOTT company has been making prints on plastics. As we specialize in short and non-standard series, we guarantee very fast and reliable customer service.
Due to the use of various marking technologies, we can choose the type of print optimally to the surface.
First of all, legible and resistant to abrasion and chemicals, high-quality prints, undoubtedly distinguish us from the competition. In addition, we design precise scales on measuring vessels for individual customer needs. We also print barcodes and numbering. Multi-color printing, flat and round.

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As specialists in the measuring cups industry, we are able to provide the highest quality of services and products. Undoubtedly, all our products are characterized by high functionality, quality and durability. We design measurement scales for individual customer needs.

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Surely you are wondering which product will be best for you or your client? You’ve come to the right place. We offer professional advice in selecting the best solutions. Certainly we will find products perfectly suited to your needs and expectations of your customers.

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Due to the experience in the security business industry, we have developed our own model of a security seal with a unique metal locking system. The precision of fitting the elements and the use of ultrasonic technology certainly guarantees a high level of security.