Research report for buckets 12 l and 20 l
Research report for buckets eko 5 l and 10 l
Research report for scoop Mega +
Research report for measuring cups: Eko 1000 ml, Gustav 5000 ml
Research report for measuring cup Smart
Research report for measuring spoons
Calibration certificate – measuring cup Gustav 5 l
Calibration certificate – measuring cup Smart 2000 ml
Calibration certificate – measuring cup EKO 1000 ml
EUIPO Certificate of registration – measuring cup Gustav+
EUIPO Certificate of registration – scoop Mega+
EUIPO Certificate of registration – brush
OHIM Certificate of registration – package
OHIM Certificate of registration – yellow vessel
Rain Gauge patent 218270
Chemical resistance table for PP material
Certificate for bags designed for packaging measure spoons PIKO