Rain gauge PREMIUM
Rain gauge PREMIUM
Rain gauge PREMIUM

Rain gauge PREMIUM made of polystyrene with printed vertical scale up to 40 mm with measurement accuracy up to 0.5 mm of rainfall and the horizontal scale of the adder.The patented adder allows you to record total precipitation up to 250 mm (250 l / m²). Two adder indicators allow you to accurately monitor weekly, monthly or yearly precipitation. A complete rain gauge available with a stick holder, studded wooden stand and adder indicators packed in an elegant cardboard box.


The possibility of advertising printing in several places of the rain gauge. The conical design of the mounting ring guarantees optimal positioning of the rain gauge relative to the falling rain. A complete rain gauge in a cardboard box is an elegant advertising gadget for clients of many industries. The rain gauge box is available in several graphic and language versions.

Rain gauge PREMIUM – place od printing

Rain gauge PREMIUM - place od printing

Individual color logo print on rain gauge PREMIUM

Individual color logo print on rain gauge PREMIUM




20 pcs. – total weight 5 kg

(1 shimpent max. 3 boxes)

560 pcs. – total weight 150 kg


Product card

Rain gauge, rain gauge made of polystyrene, rain gauge with a plastic clamp. A rain gauge with logo is a great practical agricultural gadget. Rain gauge has two indicators, that allow to register the daily, weekly and monthly rainfalls. The rain gauge is a great practical agricultural gadget. It is packed in the esthetic box, what makes the rain gauge an ideal gift for the farmer.  Bott, the producer of measuring cups, guarantees the high quality of the perfect gift for the farmer. Thanks to the logo printing on a rain gauge with a logo the product has additionally an advertising function. Not only agricultural and chemical companies, but also banks and insurance companies serving farmers can advertise themselves on the rain gauge’s indicator with the logo.



Since 2001, the BOTT company has been making prints on plastics. As we specialize in short and non-standard series, we guarantee very fast and reliable customer service.
Due to the use of various marking technologies, we can choose the type of print optimally to the surface.
First of all, legible and resistant to abrasion and chemicals, high-quality prints, undoubtedly distinguish us from the competition. In addition, we design precise scales on measuring vessels for individual customer needs. We also print barcodes and numbering. Multi-color printing, flat and round.

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As specialists in the measuring cups industry, we are able to provide the highest quality of services and products. Undoubtedly, all our products are characterized by high functionality, quality and durability. We design measurement scales for individual customer needs.

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Surely you are wondering which product will be best for you or your client? You’ve come to the right place. We offer professional advice in selecting the best solutions. Certainly we will find products perfectly suited to your needs and expectations of your customers.

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Due to the experience in the security business industry, we have developed our own model of a security seal with a unique metal locking system. The precision of fitting the elements and the use of ultrasonic technology certainly guarantees a high level of security.