Reusable Nano cups

Reusable Nano cups in line with the ecological idea The reusable Nano 400 ml cup is made of high-quality PP polypropylene and is therefore extremely durable. The durable Nano Party Cup is reusable and can [...]

The company Bott relies on ecological solutions

Nothing is wasted at BOTT, ecology in the economy is an extremely important aspect for all of us. We give the used cardboard a second life. The new cutting machine processes old cardboard boxes that [...]

The Bott company is preparing for the fall

We take care for the immunity of our employees. The CEO of Bott company takes care for the health of his team and has recently purchased a large amount of beet and tomato juices. Everyone [...]

Green area in front of our company

When spring came we began to think what to do with the area around our company. Our CEO has decided not to cobbled this area only to plant various plants. In front of the building [...]

New headquarters, new working conditions

In February 2020 we have moved to our new headquarters that is located in Budowlanych Street 8 in Leszno. From the very beginning we have implemented some eco-friendly solutions. There have been installed water filters [...]

Multibag shopping bags instead of plastic bags

Our shopping bags with imprints - Multibag 300 and 400 are very popular among our customers who would like to be more eco. These practical reusable bags can be used during the shopping in supermarket [...]

Advertising products made of plastic regranulate

Some time ago we have placed into the market the eco-friendly products made of recycled material, like buckets with imprints, tool boxes and gypsum bowls. These advertising gadgets are very popular among our customers. In [...]

We give up disposable PET bottles

Caring for the environment and health, BOTT company gives up the use of disposable PET bottles. We have installed a filter which uses a reverse osmosis process that cleans water of almost all impurities. Now [...]